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Our Fast and Light wheels are exactly that; they are fast and light. Our Fast and Light 55 is a 55mm deep carbon fiber wheel that is fast and light. As you can see we’ve used a pretty simple naming structure so that you get exactly what you want and we’ve not disguised the wheel by using fancy marketing terms.

To make our wheel fast, we have designed a tubeless ready wide aero shape. The rim profiles are the modern blunt profile. The blunt profile helps to direct the air around your wheel, and the wide shape meshes with your tires to avoid any gaps that can cause the air to break up and cause drag.

To make the wheel light, we have constructed the wheel rim from Toray T700 carbon fiber. Toray are one of the leading suppliers of carbon cloth in the world, and their product is one of the most highly regarded in various industries. Using Toray T700 has allowed us to factor in stiffness and strength to the wheel, as well as keeping the weight down. That is why we can offer our wheelsets with a 2-year warranty.

Our Fast and Light wheels roll on Novatec FS522SB/AS511SB hubs. These sealed bearing hubs offer great value and reliability. They will not fail when you need them most. They are also easy to service and replacement parts for them can be found very easily.
Lacing the Novatec hubs to our 55mm carbon fiber rim is a set of Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes are the spokes you want in an aero wheel build as they are light, strong, and extremely fatigue resistant.



Wide Rim Tech

25mm rim wide creates a better, more stable support, while the shape of the tire and rim together creates regular, stable air flow, in short, more aerodynamics, less attrition. provides an ideal basis for 25/28mm tires, the sizes currently popular.

2-Way Clincher Tubeless. Tubes or No-Tubes

Use either traditional tires with tubes, or tubeless tires without tubes. Tubeless tires can provide lower rolling resistance and better protection from punctures.

High Quality Straight Pull Hub

Novatec straight pull hub with 4 pawls and high quality Japanese sealed EZO bearings, it can use 3-5 years under normal usage. Thousands of riders all over the world on these hubs and they are great performers and super durable.

Sapim CX-RAY As light as a titanium spoke

The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. The CX-Ray aero spoke combines excellent aerodynamics with low weight and great strength. Not only are they more aerodynamic, they also make wheels lighter and stronger. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world.

UCI Approved

This wheelset has been certified and approved by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), for use in UCI sanctioned road races.


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Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset
Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700
Size  700C

 Finish: UD Matt
 Drills: 20/24 Holes
 Width: External: 25mm

         Internal: 18.35mm

Depth  55mm
Profile  Clincher Tubeless Ready
Hub  Novatec Hub (FS522SB/AS511SB)
Spoke  Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
Spoke Count  Front: 20   Rear: 24
Spoke Tension

 Front Wheelset: 15N  

 Rear Wheelset: 13-20N

Spoke Pattern Front:Radial
 Rear: 2-cross 
Nipple  Alloy  Color: Black
Cassette Compatibility  Shimano 10/11speeds
Wheelset Weight

 Total: 1508+-20g 

 Front: 669+-10g  Rear: 839+-10g

Rimset Weight  860g
Brake Surface  3K Carbon Braking Track
Rider Weight Limit  254lbs / 115kg
Guarantee  2 years

1 set of skewer  

Carbon brakes pads

Packing Size 81.5cm x 17cm x 65.5cm


Recommended Tire Pressure

≤ 65 KG RIDER 23mm - 95/100 psi
25mm - 90/95 psi
28mm - 85/90 psi
23mm - 90/95 psi
25mm - 85/90 psi
28mm - 80/85 psi
65 - 75 KG RIDER 23mm - 100/105 psi
25mm - 95/100 psi
28mm - 90/95 psi
23mm - 90/95 psi
25mm - 85/90 psi
28mm - 85/90 psi
75 - 85 KG RIDER 23mm - 101/106 psi
25mm - 96/101 psi
28mm - 91/96 psi
23mm - 95/98 psi
25mm - 90/95 psi
28mm - 85/90 psi
85 - 95 KG RIDER 23mm - 104/109 psi
25mm - 99/104 psi
28mm - 94/100 psi
23mm - 95/99 psi
25mm - 90/95 psi
28mm - 88/95 psi
IMPORTANT - Please check, and never exceed, the maximum recommended tire pressures on the side of your tire.
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