The performance of a bicycle depends to some extent on the type and quality of the wheels. Carbon wheels are becoming increasing popular since they are light in weight and durable. The DT Swiss Wheels are high quality wheels which are ideal for those who use their bicycle in windy places or enjoy climbing with the bicycle. The dt swiss carbon wheels are available in various sizes and designs depending on the requirement of the user. The standard size of the wheel is 700 mm and the depth varies from 35 mm to 55 mm depending on the application and bike design. The wheels have DT swiss hubs 240S and 350S.

These carbon wheels have a rim which is made from Toray T700 which is considered to be one of the best carbon fiber cloths This cloth will ensure that the tubeless rim being used is light in weight, stiff and strong. The user can choose from the DT Swiss 240S which is lighter or the DT 350S which is more affordable. Thru axles and the star ratchet system are included in both the options. The options for the front and rear allow the user to have a stiff wheel which can withstand the force of the disc brake. The wheels have Sapim CX-ray spokes which are considered to be one of the lightest spokes available. They are also fatigue resistant, and aerodynamic.

Many of bicycle users are interested in purchasing dt swiss gravel wheels since they are designed for use on gravel surfaces. The rim is wide enough to provide better support. The rim and tire shape will provide stable airflow for better aerodynamics and lower attrition. The wheels are designed for use with traditional tires that have a tube or tubeless tires. Many users prefer tubeless tires since they are less likely to be puncture, and provide lower resistance to rolling. The Union Cycliste Internationale has certified the wheels to indicate their approval. This indicates that they can be used in road races.


Grid List
700C G24 DT240 EXP/350
$925.00 - $1,069.00
700C G25 DT240 EXP/350
$925.00 - $1,069.00
DT AERO 35 Disc
$925.00 - $1,050.00
DT AERO 40 Disc
$925.00 - $1,050.00
DT AERO 50 Disc
$940.00 - $1,090.00
DT AERO 55 Disc
$960.00 - $1,140.00

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