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Sapim CX-Ray spokes are very special. They're butted for strength – which means that the thickness is where it's needed, at either end. So these components can take punishment without failing, at the nipple end
where they meet the rim – or where they connect to the hub in a straight-pull assembly. But in between these two critical points the spoke can be slimmer to save weight. It can also have an aerofoil section to cut through the air; spoked bike wheels are notorious for creating air turbulence, so drag is saved. To make Sapim CX-Ray spokes even more desirable, they equal the light weight of titanium spokes – but with better tensile strength and resistance to fatigue. What's not to like? Sapim spokes are fitted to the world's top professional wheelsets. But they are affordable when purchased from from ICAN's US warehouse, to arrive sooner that the customer inagined. And they come as part of a fine pair of hand-built wheels, weighing only 1425 grammes. Specs include a 50mm deep aero clincher rim in Toray T700 carbon cloth, only 23mm wide for low frontal area, and Standard sealed bearing hubs, all ready for a Shimano system. The wheelsets are guaranteed for two years, and come with a clincher rim strip, brake pads and a pair of skewers. To the unpractised eye they look like a good carbon wheelset. But experts will take note of the 44 secret weapons which give the owner a palpable performance boost: 20 spokes in front and 24 at the rear, made by Sapim.


Type  Carbon Racing Bike Wheelset
Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700
Size  700C

 Finish: UD Matt
 Drills: 20/24 Holes
 Width: External: 23mm

         Internal: 16mm

Depth  50mm
Profile  Clincher 

  Standard Hubs Black/Red

  Front: 9*100mm 2 sealed bearings 65g

  Rear: 9*130mm 4 sealed bearings 208g

Spoke  Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
Spoke Count  Front: 20   Rear: 24
Spoke Pattern  Front: Radial
 Rear: 2-cross drive side  
             Radial non drive side
Nipple  Alloy  Color: Black/Red
Cassette Compatibility  Shimano 10/11speeds
Wheelset Weight

 Total: 1425+-40g

 Front: 635+-20g  

 Rear: 790+-20g

Brake Surface  Basalt
Rider Weight Limit  100kg
Recommended tyre size  700x 23C or 25C
Recommended tyre pressure  90-135psi 
Guarantee  2 years
Package included

 1 set of wheelset 
 1 set of skewer 
 1 set of brake pads
 1 pair rim strip

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