• How long can I expect my carbon frame to last ?

    How long can I expect my carbon frame to last ?
    When carbon started to come to prominence many years ago, lots of people were worried about its strength. Over time these worries have proven to be dumbfounded, and every year brings new advancements in technology that further enhance strength and lower weight. That is why even our lightest carbon fiber frames come with a 2-year warranty, longer than many warranties on metal framed bicycles.

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  • Buyers Guide to Road Bike Wheels

    Buyers Guide to Road Bike Wheels
    Buying new wheels is like buying a new bike. A new set will change the way your bike handles. It can change the speed your bike will roll along. It can take a lot of weight off your bike. It is a much cheaper way to achieve the n+1 formula of bike ownership.

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  • Groupset 101

    Groupset 101
    Nothing can get you into a fight quicker on a bike forum than talking about groupsets. Everyone will have their favorite from SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo. Funnily enough, everyone’s preference will be the one that is currently on their best bike. That is why we can provide any groupset you want for any of our bikes if you don’t see the groupset you need feel free to email and ask for it.

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