Getting the Correct Bike Saddle
Aug 16, 2019

Getting the Correct Bike Saddle

If there is one part on your bike you want to make sure correctly fits you, it is your saddle. The wrong saddle choice is literally a pain in the ass. If you want to make sure you enjoy cycling, you don’t want to buy a saddle because it is cheap or on offer. You need to buy it because it suits you.

You also not want to listen to your friends or reviews on saddles. What is a comfortable saddle for one person might just be a living nightmare for you? The reason for this is that our is that a couple of bones, referred to as ischial tuberosity for experts and sit bones for the layman, sit in different positions for different people.

Then you have to consider about how you’ve set your bike up and also how you ride. These all affect the way a saddle will work for you.

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