Give Your Cables the Pro Treatment

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You want your cables to be fitted correctly, and the correct length or you can end up with annoying noises and rubbing on your bike. With that in mind, we have created a few tips to make sure that your cables are given pro treatment.


  1. Routing. Take the time to look at the front end of your bike and make sure that your cables follow the most obvious route to where they need to be. You don’t want them fouling each other or causing undeeded rubbing on your frame.
  2. Trim cables. If you're not sending tailwhips, you’ll want your cables to be long enough for your bars to spin 180°. If your cables are longer than that you’ll want to give them a trim, it will cut down on friction and help your cables to do their job.
  3. Keep them secure. Use zipties and make sure your cables are all nice and snug to your cable bosses, don’t secure them too tightly though.
  4. Tie cables to each other. If cables are knocking each other where they cross, use a ziptie and secure them to each other. Remember and not set the ziptie too tight or you’ll have issues when you move your bars.
  5. Tape cables to each other. If 2 cables are running parallel to each then tape them together, or if you want to get really pro, shrinkwrap them to each other. The tape should be tight in this case.
  6. Patches. Get cable rub patches, or electric tape if you want to be cheap, and install them where your cables hit your frame. To find the spot, turn your or cycle your suspension and you’ll find all the rub points.


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